Corporate Design for a Theatre

In 2023 I worked with Atze Theatre in Berlin to create a Corporate Design for their outdoor summer theatre, The Luftschloss. Located in Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport which is now a lively park in Berlin, the Luftschloss is an impressive amphitheatre beautifully constructed from wood. From May through to September each year they programme cultural events for their stage.

‘Luftschloss’ in German translates literally as ‘Castle in the Sky’. It also means ‘Pipe Dream’. Both of these references informed the design of the logo, by making the logo an impossible or imaginary form as a type of infinity loop. The typeface was chosen to reference the handwork of the amphitheatre construction, and the DIY ethos of the team running the project.

The form of the logo is based on the curved form of the amphitheatre building:

Examples of the logo in use. (See also Programme project)

Different logo variations:

• Realised in 2023